Out & About // Donna Visits Friar Tux

Shanti Telemaque and Eric Acuña of Friar Tux

As I walked into Friar Tux shop, located in Rolling Hills Plaza, the first thought that came to mind was, “Wow, I wish my closet looked like this!” Items were neatly organized by color and by style and everything had a specific place.

I was warmly greeted by Eric Acuña, District Manager, and
Shanti Telemaque, Manager.

As we sat at a table in the middle of the store, I listened
to Acuña and Telemaque speak passionately about their job.

“Friar Tux is celebrating 45 years in business. We are
family owned and operated and have over 30 locations over Southern California
and Las Vegas,” commented Acuña.

“We have evolved in many ways over the years. One of the
biggest changes made is, Friar Tux now sells and rents suits. Customers come to
us to buy suits for work, for interviews and for a variety of events,” added

As I listened further to Acuña and Telemaque, I was so
inspired to learn that both began employment with Friar Tux in 2000. “We have
been able to grow with Friar Tux,” said Acuña.

Friar Tux provides suits and tuxedos to choirs, bands and
red carpet events, including the Academy Awards. “We just concluded an event
with the Anaheim Ducks called Ducks and Tux,” commented Telemaque.

In an effort to remain relevant, Friar Tux has launched a
website where customers can buy or rent online. “We’ve kept up with changes in
retail shopping, offering customers the choice to shop in store or online,”
stated Acuña.

As we continued our conversation, I learned so much about
Friar Tux but I grew fonder of Telemaque and Acuña. Their passion toward their
job was so evident.

The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce thanks Friar Tux for
being a valued member.

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