Meet-Cute: Couple Recalls Meeting 50 Years Ago Heading To Iconic Woodstock Festival


MANHATTAN BEACH (CBSLA) — Thursday marked 50 years since a Southern California couple first met at the iconic Woodstock Festival — or, more accurately, on the way to the festival.

(Credit: People Magazine)

It was Judy Griffin’s birthday, and she was heading to the festival when her car broke down. Jerry Griffin was with his friends, also on their way to the festival, in a pair of Volkswagen Beetles when they saw Judy trying to hitchhike the rest of the way to the festival grounds.

“They had nothing,” Jerry said. “So it was an opportunity to share a tent and, later on, a sleeping bag with Judy.”

Jerry said he and his friends had tents, camping equipment, food and jugs of wine to get them through the famous three-day festival that began Aug. 15, 1969. But neither thought to pack a camera for the trip.

And for the past 50 years, they didn’t think there were any photos of their time together at the music festival until PBS released a documentary and they saw a photo of themselves — younger, wet from rain and huddled close together under a blanket.

“For a second you looked at it and thought maybe it’s a staged picture, someone playing a joke on us,” Judy said. “And then all of the sudden I realized that’s me!”

Jerry said she recognized her hoop earrings in the photo.

“It was startling,” Jerry said. “It was amazing.”

(Credit: People Magazine)

People Magazine featured the couple’s story, recreating that photo for the story.

The Griffins — who have two children, grandchildren and two dogs — said the secret to a lasting marriage is compromise.